10 reasons to order food online

  • You can order whatever and however you want on the way back to your home. No one will judge you for eating alone, for real. It is best when you are together - just you and the one suuuper delicious pizza, right?
  • It could be quite dangerous and frustrating to play the ‘broken phone’ game. You never know if you’ll get what you’ve order.
  • ZERO chance your order to arrive at wrong place. You are the one who fill in the address.
  • Online payment! Two magic words for times you don’t have cash in the wallet.
  • You always have a proof how much pizza you’ve wanted initially if something is wrong with your order.
  • Always rich choice of offers and promotions – you save time and couple of bucks.
  • All restaurants in the city that deliver to your address are at one place. So you can easy and quickly to scroll their menus and to choose what to munch today.
  • You have plan B, if you screw up with the dinner…
  • Be honest - sometimes you’re just too lazy to cook :)
  • You order online all kind of stuff anyway so why not the dinner too?

Order food online